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E. Randolph Whitelaw
Planning Solution: The Need for Credible Life Insurance Management Given the Lapsing Policy Crisis

E. Randolph “Randy” Whitelaw is the founder and managing partner of The TOLI Center, LLC, and Trust Asset Consultants, LLC (TAC), based in St Louis, MO.

The TOLI Center provides life insurance policy administration, performance monitoring and risk management services. Policy value performance monitoring, product and carrier suitability, and policy restructure negotiation, design and complex underwriting, are amongst Randy’s recognized areas of expertise. His extensive business and finance background include years as a bank executive and a trust investment and high net worth family wealth management advisor.

Roy A. Farmer II
Planning Solution: The Economic Power of ESOP Planing

Roy A. Farmer II is a Managing Director of BTA Inc. Roy’s responsibilities include business development, corporate reorganization and finance, succession planning, consulting & ESOP implementation. A graduate from American River College and Brigham Young University with degrees in Business and Business Administration, Mr. Farmer has also been actively involved in the financial industry since the mid ’70’s. Mr. Farmer has been active in the ESOP community since 1999, and has worked on well over 100 transactions. He is a member of the ESOP Association and is currently on the Board of Directors for a defense contractor and an oilfield services company.

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